Sixe Paredes

Born in 1975

Lives & works in Barcelone (ES)




Sixe Paredes is a self-taught artist who has learned through his own means, investigations, and practices during a career spanning over 25 years. His pictorial language runs the gamut from very personal representations - including a complete bestiary of creatures somewhat animal and somewhat human - to abstract forms enmeshed in the present, communicating through a system of elements and symbols, most of which have followed him through time, gradually evolving.

Though his artistic career has been characterized by different stages of works, the year 2009 marked a major turning point, resulting from a visit to Peru. In the following years, he continued travelling the country. Pursuing his investigations and working with local artists, Sixe there studied ancient ceramic and textile production techniques of pre-Columbian cultures now nearly forgotten, to his great dismay. He later expanded his artistic language by incorporating these techniques into his own work.

The repeated contact Sixe has had with Peru has created an evolution of his artistic discourse, and he has begun to develop a style that fuses the traditions he has learned with a contemporary perspective. He thus pays tribute to indigenous cultures in his search for what is essential, mixing past and present. His work is metaphorical and reflective in nature, arising from personal experience and not imitative. It seeks to demonstrate other ways of perceiving reality, from a profound and mystical perspective. It is the blending of these different styles and elements that gives his work its unique aesthetics.

Laura García-Borreguero Gómez

Social and Cultural anthropologist

Extract from the preface published in Sixe Paredes' exhibition catalogue

'Color, Forma y Materia'

2018 - LE FEUVRE & ROZE Gallery