Sickboy : "A Small Matter of Life and Death", installation views

Mis à jour : 27 oct. 2018

Sickboy : "A Small Matter of Life and Dear"

solo exhibition

September 17 - October 1st, 2016

With A Small Matter of Life and Death, Sickboy unveils the French edition of his Life and Death sculpture. For this show, the artist will also present a set of news paintings, plus monotypes and screen prints. After Supernature (March 2015), A Small Matter of Life and Death is Sickboy’s second solo exhibition in Paris.

Life and Death is a 3D coffin sculpture by Sickboy. It is made with resin and edited at 10 copies. Each copy is unique, with its back hand painted. This pink/ turquoise/ black and blue version is the exclusive French version of Sickboy’s coffin. This sculpture give life to one of the most iconic character of Sickboy’s universe: the smiling coffin. Between life and death, the coffin stare at us with his hypnotic look and his ironic smile, urges us to enjoy each moment of our life, before death!

Sickboy was born in he North of England in 1980. From now on he is working and living in London. Keen on tag and graffiti, he entered the art world by this way in the 90s. As he began his career in Bristol, the Temple quickly replaced his tags and letters. This logo would become his hallmark, often accompanied with the slogan “Save The Youth”. To Sickboy, graffiti means freedom. It helps him to evacuate the stress and satisfy his excess of energy. Travelling continuously, moving from a city, a country, a continent to another, is also one of his favourite things. This way – wherever he goes – he collects memories of his natural and urban environments and then transforms and adapts them to his universe. Those different elements compose then his studio works – canvas, drawings or installations. Sickboy spends hours in his studio. In a quiet atmosphere – quieter than the street – he accurately draws and paints artworks with countless details. Psychedelic, his creations are both messy and organized. Some elements stay under way and unfinished when some others are so elaborated that they seem polished to the extreme.