Paper Party 3 : Paul Insect, Pixel Pancho, Mist, Daniel Muñoz, Ella & Pitr

Mis à jour : 27 oct. 2018

Paper Party 3 : Paul Insect, Pixel Pancho, Mist, Ella & Pitr, Daniel Muñoz

Group show

January 14 - February 14, 2015

"Paper Party 3" : 5 artists, 5 walls, 50 works on paper"

In 2012, Galerie LE FEUVRE organized the first edition of Paper Party in Paris, featuring the works of Alëxone Dizac, Invader, Mist, Ella & Pitr, Sumo, Hopare, Horfée, Mad C, Stohead, Philippe Bonan, Remed and Sickboy. At that time, the exhibition aimed at showing the works of both represented and invited artists. Two years later, in Geneva, Galerie LE FEUVRE brought the concept in Switzerland by inviting eleven artists for Paper Party 2 : Ella & Pitr, Mist, Mr Jago, Sickboy, Sixe Paredes, Alëxone Dizac, Jeff Soto, Pixel Pancho, Andrew McAttee, Xenz and Sowat. For its first 2016 exhibition, the gallery continues the story it began four years ago by presenting Paper Party 3. This show will bring together five artists : Mist, Paul Insect, Ella & Pitr, Pixel Pancho and Daniel Muñoz also known as San. For this edition, Franck Le Feuvre will give to each artist one wall of the gallery, wall of the gallery for them to paint.. Thus, five murals measuring approximately six meters long by four meters high will adorn the gallery walls during a month. All the walls will be painted the week before the opening. In order to give all the space needed to the artworks on paper, no work will be hanged on the painted walls, but on specific spaces. Each artist will present between ten and fifteen works on paper. With Paper Party 3, Galerie LE FEUVRE shows its attachment to its regular roaster of artists as well as its wish to always discover and exhibit new talents.