MATTH VELVET: Standard Club at the Bernard Magrez Institute

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juil. 2021

Exhibition from the 23rd of January to 22nd of March 2020.

Pavillon de la Boetie, Institut Bernard Magrez.

Concerned about the environmental and societal impact of the increasing industrialisation of a consumer society, Matth Velvet has made a real transition in his artistic work, depicting Man and the accumulation of material goods.

Matth Velvet

"Standard Club", 190x170 cm, Oil on linen

"For me it's interesting to work with blues and yellows, it allows me to express a lot of different light typologies." Matth Velvet

Matth Velvet, Bordeaux

Spontaneous Painting

Matth Velvet

"Showroom", 310x450 cm, Acrylic on wood

"After seeing how the things I used to draw were made, I now prefer my work to remain as paintings." Matth Velvet

Matth Velvet, Bordeaux

« Maison ouverte rend voleur l’homme honnête » (Open house makes the honest man a tief)

© Photos by MATTH VELVET

Matth Velvet tries to describe fragile structures, some of which are even intrusive, thus highlighting the concern for possession/depossession.

Information and works available on the artist's page