MATTH VELVET at La Causa galeria in Madrid - SUPER VITRINE

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juil. 2021

From 18 September to 24 November 2020, Matth Velvet will be exhibiting for the first time in Spain a series combining carefree and trend in an exhibition called Super Vitrine.

With paintings aesthetised to the point of appearing fictitious at times, Matth Velvet focuses here on this parodic dimension of representation.

Matth Velvet

Photos © La causa galeria

Matth Velvet depicts human behaviour through objects and architecture, combining his most intimate memories with rigorous observation of his surroundings to create a unique world of his own interpretation.

Matth velvet, L'inutile à l'agréable

"L'inutile à l'agréable" (The Useless to the Pleasant), 120 x 80 cm, Oil on canvas. 2020

The title of the exhibition is a direct reference to a French television show that the artist watched when he was younger.

Every week, contestants tried to win the 'Vitrine'(Show case), which consisted of all kinds of prizes. Even today, there are many such materialistic celebrations, or even large fairs dedicated to objects in general.

In these events, everyone proposes a certain conception of existence, which can sometimes only consist into buying.

Matth Velvet

Photos © La causa galeria

Matth velvet

"La foire expo" (The trade fair), Oil on sawn wooden door. 2020

Photos © Matth Velvet

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