"LIMITED STATE" and "BLAS" : Zoer & Matth Velvet exhibitions - Tokyo, 2015

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Limited State, curated by Takashi Murakami in April 2015, is the initiative of the GEISAI project. Launched in 2001, it aims to promote young artists from a variety of international artistic backgrounds, including street artists and other multi-genre creator such as Zoer and Matth Velvet.

Matth Velvet, Japan

"Missing memories", Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Matth Velvet, Japan

Matth Velvet, Japan


Usually painting on walls, this time they decided to approach this new project individually, going against the common work effort, in order to explore a more objective analytical way to the construction of the works.

Presenting 11 large format paintings, developing a theme around the title "Limited state", ZOER and MATTH VELVET make reference to addiction. In this case more specifically, a phenomenon resulting from the breakdown of the relationship between humans and material things.


Blas, organised by the Kaikai Kiki Gallery, in August 2015, focused on the vision of a possible and plausible future world, based on the ruins of the current world.

"BLAS" is alluding to the word blasphemy, and the ideological issues that frequently occur in our society. The spiritual isolation of immigrants and refugees, as well as the rapid ecological changes that our planet is undergoing.

Matth Velvet, Japan

From their experiences as industrial designers, they regularly put the object at the heart of the work.

Using a gradual process, they collect information and images, creating a puzzle of different fragments of reality.

Matth Velvet, Japan

Information and works available on the artist's page

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