Lek & Sowat x Tracks (Arte)

Lek & Sowat, the Mausoleum for Tracks.

Lek & Sowat, artists of the street art scene, bring a TV crew into the Mausoleum for the very first time: 40,000 square metres of concrete labyrinth in which they have exhausted their sprays with the cream of the French graffiti artists.

On March 16th at 9pm, Tracks, the Arte programme, invited us to go on an adventure and become "urban explorers" in front of our screen.

source : Tracks, Arte

Since 2010, the year it was discovered, it has been the Grail of the graffiti community, the Louvre for spray-painting addicts. That year, Lek & Sowat found a way to explore the 40,000 square meters of an abandoned supermarket in the Paris suburbs, squatted and the heart of an underground city. The duo of urban explorers and graffiti artists call it "The Mausoleum", comparing the place to the caves of Lascaux. For a year, they clandestinely invited the best graffiti artists into this concrete labyrinth.

More than 10 years after their discovery, Lek & Sowat play the first of the rope for Tracks and return for the first time with a TV crew to the site. The first urban artists to have had graffiti included in the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, the first graffiti artists to be invited in residence at the Villa Médicis, Lek & Sowat mix street culture, abstract art and urban exploration in a clever blend.

Some captures of this guided exploration below:

The film, broadcast exclusively on the Youtube channel of Tracks, the new web event created by the Arte magazine, takes us on a journey into the secret garden of artists who open the doors of abandoned places.

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List of artists who contributed to the Mausoleum between 2010 and 2011: Apotre, Bims, Blo, Bom k, Boyane, Brusk, Deap, Dem189, Fléo, Gris1, Hobz, Honda, Jayone, Jaws, Kan, Katre, Lek, Monsieur Qui, O’clock, Onde, Outside, Rems, Romi, Sambre, Seth, Siao, Skio, Smo, Sowat, Spei, Swiz, Tcheko.

Tracks had already met Lek & Sowat in 2012 on the occasion of the collective exhibition dedicated to the Mausoleum, an underground artistic meeting place in the suburbs: https://youtu.be/2akzP9iyeIo