Julien Colombier: Holy Jungle

Angelo Milano is well known in the street art world. People first have heard of him when he created the Fame Festival in 2008 in his sweet hometown of Grottaglie, South Italy. But only 4 years after its first edition, Angelo decided to put an end to his festival.

Why? Because of the street art trend, and a feeling Angelo had: with trend would come consensual art. Which was not what he was ready for. Thus, he decided to focus on his second talent: screen printing. Since then, he invites for residencies in his town artists he admires. They spend a few days with him and eventually work a little to create unique prints. And videos... This is what happened to Julien Colombier. And we are pleased to share this crazy intense moment with you.

Enjoy more great teasers on Studio Chromie's website: www.studiochromie.org

(most of the prints are already sold out. Julien's are all sold out).

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