Julien Colombier & François Malingrëy : "Les nouveaux" ("The Newcomers")

From November 16 to December 15, Le Feuvre & Roze presents Les nouveaux (The Newcomers). This exhibition is dedicated to the works of two French artists, newly represented by the gallery : Julien Colombier and François Malingrëy. Colombier and Malingrëy universes may seem far apart from each other. They may even opposed. And They are. But they are complementary. Very vegetal, organic or mineral, colorful and painted with charcoal and oil on paper sticked on canvas for Julien Colombier. Classically painted with oil for François Malingrëy, but very contemporary though. Malingrëy talks about his friends and family. He represents them in almost surrealistic scenes and creates very questioning works, as well as Colombier does.

Opening will be held on November 15, from 6pm. With the artists in attendance.

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