Jan Kolata : "Grands Formats" ("Large Scales"), installation views

Mis à jour : 27 oct. 2018

Jan Kolata : "Grands Formats"

solo exhibition

March 30 - April 21

Jan Kolata is a German artist born in 1949. He completed his university education at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 1970 to 1977.

After several artist residencies in Russia, France, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland, Jan Kolata became a lecturer in his turn while continuing his career as a painter. He is part of the German school that practices an abstract art that speaks to us immediately, because of the emotion it arouses through the arrangement of forms and the assembly of colours on the canvas. For that matter, what is the most striking when you discover Jan Kolata’s work is his talent as a colourist. This is followed by a second interpretation, where we ask ourselves how it is all put together. He combines chance with purpose to intermingle the different shapes. Unlike Katharina Grosse, with whom he shared a studio for several years, Jan Kolata meticulously places paint on the canvas. The abstraction is composed layer after layer, with some layers appearing transparently underneath to finally come to the fore with all the others. This effect, which is very often refined, flattens the material, while the varnish painted over it gives a fascinating impression of a print. The entire technique is the result of experiments carried out by Jan Kolata since the 1970s. And for those who did not have the chance to attend the lectures he gave over the course of a decade at the TU Dortmund University, Jan Kolata describes his practice in detail as well as his vision of painting in a book entitled Malstrom, released in English and German by the publisher Richter Verlag (Düsseldorf) at the end of 2017.

Galerie Le Feuvre has been representing Jan Kolata in France since December 2016. His first personal exhibition in the gallery – which is also his first personal exhibition in France – will be from 29 March to 21 April 2018.