Jacques Villeglé, Lek & Sowat : "Tracés Directs"

Composed of a blackboard and a filmed performance, Tracés Directs (Direct Outlines) from Lek and Sowat is the first work created by urban and graffiti artists which is part of the Centre Pompidou permanent collection.

Associated artists: Philippe Baudelocque, Wxyz, Alëxone, Smo, L'Outsider, Sowat, Babs, Skki, Jay one, Tcheko, Apôtre, Kan, Seb174, Sambre, Nassyo, Popay, Spé, Fléo, Lek, Dem189, Swiz and Jacques Villeglé (by order of appearance).

About the work (www.centrepompidou.fr):

Jacques Villeglé (1926 - )

Lek and Sowat

Tracés directs (Tableau noir) - Direct Outlines (Blackboard)

October 7, 2013

Chalk on black billboard

150 x 250 cm

Chalk inscriptions on the black billoard : 16 juin 2013/PARIS/Villeglé

The work is made of the Direct Outlines film. The latter is what is left from a performance of Lek & Sowat which took place in 2013 in the Palais de Tokyo (Paris). During this performance twenty artists coming from urban art and graffiti were invited to work on the billboard which normally used for artistic mediation.

The performance has been caught in rapid sequences movie which. It ends with the alphabet drawn by Jacques Villeglé which now cover the blackboard.


Donation of the artsits, 2014

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