Idir Davaine: An artist to watch out for!

Exhibited for the first time at the gallery in January 2020 during "& Friends 2020" exhibition", Alongside Karolina Orzelek, Maxime Penaud and Louise Janet, three other artists coming from Les Beaux Arts de Paris, Idir Davaine is a young and talented abstract painter. His works are inspired by nature and landscapes taken in pictures, decomposed and recomposed, and finally, abstracted.

We can feel that in this particular shape is inspired by a flower or a tree, but it is clearly not the point of the artist to represent it. This capacity of creating balanced abstract paintings, which remind also collages, is reinforced by Idir's background. Indeed, before studying at Les Beaux Arts de Paris, Idir graduated from Les Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg, where he strengthened his drawing skills. Today, he teaches drawing when he is not painting in the studio.

informations and inquiries about Idir Davaine's available works:

Studio views © Idir Davaine

Gallery views : © Le Feuvre & Roze