Huy "Touché, coulé" by Matth Velvet

The artist Matth Velvet created a few days ago a mural in Huy, Belgium.

The latest project entitled "Touché, coulé" is the result of a very colorful mural painted in an industrial aesthetic. All along a 14 meters high building, Matth Velvet used acrylic to show a pile of maritime fleets.

Matth Velvlet - Touché coulé

source: Matth Velvet

Huy, a port city in the province of Liege, is located in a region where river transport has played and still plays an essential role in the economy, and has accompanied the local industry in its various mutations until today.

Matth Velvet explains that his intention was to compose a sort of tribute to the past and an invitation to new mutations. To do so, he accumulated and superimposed barges and boats, out of the water (or perhaps submerged), all frozen, in a kind of colored bas-relief.

Matth Velvet - Touché coulé

source: All About Things

picture: Jules Césure

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