FUTILITÉ PUBLIQUE - Matth Velvet's new wall in the streets of Marseille

Dernière mise à jour : 3 juil. 2021

For its second edition, the festival Les Nouveaux Ateliers organised by the association Lartmada (a collective of artists from the graffiti world, founded in Marseille) succeeded in bringing together an "Artmada" of urban art artists in October 2020, to create gigantic mural on the walls of the town of Port-de-Bouc (Marseille region).

Photos © Matth Velvet

Depicting a surrealist interior in which the objects are numbered like on a catalogue page, Matth Velvet depicts a pleasant scene composed of decorative elements.

This image was born of a reflection on the futility of material aspirations, but also from a questioning on the legitimacy of such an intervention.

Photos © Matth Velvet

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