Ella & Pitr : "To the naked eye"

Mis à jour : 2 avr. 2020

July 6 - 20

For the first time, you will have the opportunity to see Ella & Pitr’s sleeping giants to the naked eye.

Not through a screen – and we will not be bringing you on a hot-air balloon trip around the world, unfortunately – but through pictures, vertically hung on our walls.

For the first time, you will have the opportunity to purchase those giants and will be the only ones to examine them whenever you wish to, without having to go on the internet or unlock your smartphone. You will see them to the naked eye.

Because yes, it is frustrating knowing that Ella & Pitr create huge paintings of thousands of square meters all around the globe, but being aware that you will not cross path with one, wandering around a city…But here is Ella & Pitr’s approach: producing paintings with unthinkable dimensions without the intention to impose them to anyone. With this approach Ella & Pitr show once again their inventiveness as well as their finesse.

In a time where the street artists’ only concern is having likes on Instagram, Ella & Pitr’s main concern is knowing that their giants are here, in the heart of cities, invisible.

Peacefully asleep in the middle of the urban chaos. Of course still using social medias, they interact with their fans, occasionally, informing them of new in situ interventions few days or weeks after they have happened. All this is to fight against immediacy imposed by social medias. To slow down even more, they keep growing their family of old men and women, weary, asleep, laying for example on the edge of the Parisian highway.

An ode to the action of taking time, illustrated by a new series of paintings on fabric.

On pocket handkerchiefs, more precisely, where the artists link the very small and the infinitely big, as they know how to do so well and even became their work’s main characteristic.