Ella & Pitr : "Au jour le jour pour toujours", installation views

Ella & Pitr : "Au jour le jour pour toujours"

solo exhibition

May 11 - June 10, 2017

Au jour le jour pour toujours (From day to day forever)This maxim follows Ella & Pitr since many years. It represents their love as well as their work. Love has to be constructed, from day to day. It needs attention and dedication so that it would not fade because of the routine of everyday life.

Just like love, work – especially when in couple – demands special attention and efforts in order to evolve continuously. On any medium and for any theme of their creations, Ella & Pitr try their hardest to develop their potential and question their selves so that each time their creations are bigger and more accomplished than before. This way, in 2015, they did not hesitate to rise to the challenge of Martin Reed, founder of the NuArt Festival, to paint the biggest wall of the world. After many days of hard work and thanks to the help of volunteers, Lilith and Olaf appeared on the roof of the Klepp factory of over 21 000 square meters.

After this enormous work, from day to day, Ella & Pitr kept traveling to paint their giants all over the world: Chicago, Montreal, Beijing, La Défense, the grass of the Stadium Geoffroy Guichard in Saint-Etienne, Ostend, La Réunion…

The characters of this couple from Saint Etienne – animals or humans – now embellish all these places. Although each piece is unique, they still have something in common: being visible only from the sky. This poetic universe – so clean, so special – is transposed on canvas with as much sensitivity as it is painted on floors, roofs or walls. Ella & Pitr play true. Their lines could be simple, naive or accomplished and technically complex, they reveal situations with which everybody can rely. Here is their strength. This “madeleine de Proust” effect puts the observer in a familiar situation. It calls in all our feelings: tenderness, enthusiasm, perseverance, contemplation, reflexion, loneliness, love… It puts the living (human or animal) and its relationships to the world and others in the centre of its world. Still, this reality cannot be completely perceived by the observer. In fact, although it reminds us of credible scenes, the treatment mode brings a spark of magic. It makes the work poetic beyond its narrative aspect. The creation is familiar and elusive… usually fascinating.

Ella & Pitr: the emotion, from day to day, forever.