Diane Benoit du Rey: New artist of the gallery

Franck Le Feuvre and Jonathan Roze are pleased to announce the representation of a new artist : Diane Benoit du Rey.

Diane Benoit du Rey's oil paintings are currently exhibited at Le Feuvre & Roze gallery as part of a group show until March 12, 2022.

Informations and available works on the page of Diane Benoit du Rey

Born in 1989, Diane Benoit du Rey graduated from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg (FR) where she studied with François Malingrëy and Bruno Gadenne.

For Diane Benoit du Rey, painting is first and foremost the representation of luminous impressions, a game between space, form and light. She projects coloured screens onto scenes produced in the studio, and the light runs and spreads to embrace the form, to confuse or reveal volumes, to structure or distort space.

Then comes the painting, a nuanced revelation on the affixed canvas, a minimalist capture of the chosen moment, a pure aesthetic experience, a painting of light.

© photos: Le Feuvre & Roze

Upcoming : a duo exhibition at the end of 2022