Bruno Gadenne: New artist of the gallery

We are pleased to announce the representation of the young artist Bruno Gadenne.

Informations, available works on the artist's page.

Bruno Gadenne, "Le sous bois" et "Théranthiopie"

Born in 1990, Bruno Gadenne graduated from the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. There he rubbed shoulders with François Malingrëy, with whom he forged a friendship that has lasted. Bruno Gadenne is one of the artists selected for the Poush Manifesto residency. Until now, he was represented in Paris by the Galerie du jour, Agnès b. He is also represented in Lille by the Galerie Provost Hacker and in Shanghai by the Galerie Dumonteil.

Both literally and pictorially, Bruno Gadenne explores the world, its cultures and its landscapes. From expeditions to adventures, he leaves, alone, with his tent, his notebook and his pencils, sometimes in Iceland, sometimes in the jungle of Central America during a 100-day adventure in search of Mayan ruins, following in the footsteps of the explorers John Lloyds, Stephens and Frederick Catherwood. From his travels he took hundreds of sketches, some of which became paintings. Thanks to his talent as a colourist and the finesse of his line, Bruno impresses us in the lands he has travelled through. He passes on a little of his experience and takes us to new horizons...

Bruno Gadenne, "La grande chute"

Bruno Gadenne, "Le sous bois" et "Racines et branches"

Bruno Gadenne, "Racines et branches" et "Landscape with red mist"

© photos: Le Feuvre & Roze

Until March 12, 2022: discover six new oil paintings

Upcoming: a duo exhibition at the end of 2022 and a solo exhibition in 2023.