Artists of the gallery: group hanging until May 7

From April 15 to May 7, 2022, we invite you to discover the latest works of some of our artists in a group exhibition.

Will be exhibiting at the gallery: Julien Colombier, Sowat, Diane Benoit du Rey, Jan Kolata, Ella & Pitr, Mehdi Cibille aka LeMoDuLeDeZeer and Matth Velvet.

Julien Colombier

Mehdi Cibille aka LeMoDuLeDeZeeR

Mehdi Cibille aka LeMoDuLeDeZeeR, Ella & Pitr, Julien Colombier

Ella & Pitr

Julien Colombier, Matth Velvet

Jan Kolata, Sowat

Julien Colombier, Sowat


Sowat, Diane Benoit du Rey

Diane Benoit du Rey

Informations and available works on the artists' pages (links on their names).