Arthur Tiar : solo exhibition at FJA

On est bien seul

March 21 - April 6, 2019

Opening on March 21, from 6pm

With the artist in attendance

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At the 178 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Faubourg des Jeunes Artistes is taking shape with the opening of Arthur Tiar’s solo exhibition. By using different mediums such as painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installation or photography, Arthur Tiar explores the many facets of a reccuring theme : memory.

For this exhibition, as it will be case for all the exhibitions organized at the Faubourg des Jeunes Artistes, it is mainly paintings and drawings on canvas and paper which will be presented.

About Arthur Tiar

Born in Paris in 1988, Arthur Tiar graduated from the Fine Arts School of Paris in 2016. As an artist, he uses a multiplicity of mediums.

Based on situations he witnessed, based on historical or autobiographical references, his work is a research where the fragility of testimony and the connection to real life are ceaselessly questioned.

Where are the limits of representation ? How the image can preserve memory ? How truth can survive over time ? How can we talk about what we lose and about things we do not see ?

Arthur uses drawing, painting, sculpture, as well as photography, video and installation to express himself and to remain free as a plastic artist.

Through various projects, he is leading a constant research on the position and the status of art today. He also works on the scope of artistic gestures, their definition and their public meaning.

Amongst other things, Arthur has founded a publishing house, Récit (in 2013), which publishes art editions and books. He is also the founder of the Savoir / Dessiner studios (2017), a school based in Paris which aims at being accessible to anyone interested in drawing, painting, or sculpting.