Paul Insect

Born in 1971

Lives & works in London (GB)



Like Banksy and Bäst—close friends who conceal their identities as he does his—Paul Insect is an artist of a rare breed. A major figure in English street art, Paul Insect became widely known by the art world in 2007, when Damian Hirst announced he had bought every piece from his first solo show, Bullion. But this buzz has not moved Paul Insect to ramp up output. The artist prefers working in situ and in the shadows, fleeing overexposure that might hinder his creativity or sever him from his roots. His painted works, installations, and posters blend the pop colours of contemporary English painting with the underground references unique to London street artists.

For over 20 years, Paul Insect has been a discreet participant in major projects that ultimately garnered international acclaim. He teamed up with Banksy for the Cans Festival (2008); Santa’s Ghetto in London (2003–2006) and Bethlehem (2007), along the West Bank wall; and Dismaland (2015). His work was displayed at the 2018 (Los Angeles) and 2019 (New York) editions of Beyond The Streets, a group show bringing together the stars of street art from around the world. The artist has also exhibited at a series of solo shows in London and New York over the last 15 years. Loyal to his network, Paul Insect isn’t concerned with gallery ubiquity or multiplying collaborations, and this makes access to his studio pieces all the more challenging for collectors.

The artist was featured in two group shows at Le Feuvre & Roze in Paris: & Friends The UK Collective #1 (2014) and Paper Party 3 (2016).

Jonathan Roze