Jan Kolata

Born in 1949

Lives & works in Düsseldorf (DE)




Jan Kolata completed his formation in the Fine Arts School of Düsseldorf between 1970 and 1977. Passionate about painting, especially about its material, he worked on oil painting for more than twenty years. Then, in the nineties he started to use acrylic ink in his work, which was considered by himself a product of better quality. During all his career, Kolata was focused on the colours, the movement and the layer construction. His paintings are delicate and they take their strength from the subtle games of transparency created or broken by strong strokes of brush or squeegee. Since 1991, Jan Kolata decided to express his passion for painting as a subject and his admiration for the infinite possibilities of composition that it offers. After becoming a teacher at the Fine Arts School of Dortmund, he travels to share his experience and fascination in artistic residencies and international conferences in France, Norway, Italy, Russia (URSS) and China.

This approach turned to the academic and institutional world also allowed him to present his work in many German art centres and museums.

In 2016 Jan Kolata retired from teaching and, since then, he has been dedicated more than ever to painting and gallery exhibition. In France, he is represented by Le Feuvre & Roze gallery where, from March 29 to April 21, 2018, his first individual exhibition in Paris was held.