Guillaume Grando

aka SupaKitch

Born in 1978

Lives & works in Biarritz



Guillaume Grando, a.k.a SupaKitch, is a French multidisciplinary artist. 


Guillaume was born in the Parisian suburb in 1978. 

He started painting in the streets at the young age of 12 and graduated in Graphic Design in 1997 in Montpellier, where he grew up.  


After living in New-York from 2008 to 2012, and in Paris from 2012 to 2016, he today works and live in Biarritz with his family. 


From a childhood rocked between city and seaside, and teenage years punctuated by hip-hop, design, architecture and board culture, will arise the painter’s first artistic period between 2006 and 2011 called “Listen To My Picture”. 

His painting is composed like graphic melodies, in which a flamboyant bestiary, made of interlacing feathers and coats, blends with romantic calligraphy drifting towards a moving abstraction on textured backgrounds.  

This artistic period will led to many major exhibitions in Paris, Miami, Taipei and New-York. 


Since the artist’s first murals in 1990, SupaKitch won’t stop expressing his art on higher and higher walls, most of the time together with his wife and renowned artist Koralie. 

Commissioned by institutions such as the Väldskulturmuseet museum in Göteborg in 2010, or by major brands such as Converse for the Clash Wall in 2014, the artists recently produced major artworks in France (the Halles du Lez in Montpellier, the Thermal Institute in Dax…) 


As a multidisciplinary artist, SupaKitch has worked with many prestigious brands such as Figaret, BMW/Bleu de Chauffe or even Ikea alongside Virgil Abloh. 

Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier named SupaKitch brand ambassador and made a short film on his lifestyle and inspiration.

As an artist and as an active surfer committed to the fight for preserving the oceans, he designed in 2019 a swimwear collection with his signature « water camo » made of recycled plastic bottles for the French brand Apnée. 


Between 2012 and 2017, SupaKitch worked as an international tattoo artist, and slowly broke from his figurative painting to focus on what’s essential for him at the time: gesture, movement, light and matter. 


The exhibition “On My Wave Home” in 2017 at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich marks a transition in SupaKitch’s painting with the use of resin in his artworks. 

A more minimalist approach but still very rich and complex through the various reading options that matter provides. 

A different approach to his work but always romantic. We still find there his organic and graphic signature style, as well as his very own moving lines. 


This new period called « The Shape Of Matter” was the story of a short film by Damien Vignaux, as well as a solo exhibition with the Kolly Gallery in Paris during Fiac in 2018. 


SupaKitch’s artworks are today exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and the US.